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Listening activity Advanced C1: Greenland is Melting

Can we really deny this is happening? This beautiful island, populated many centuries ago by the Vikings is under threat. But just as Jason Box claims, ‘What happens in Greenland doesn’t stay in Greenland,’ meaning by this, that this is an issue that concerns the whole of humanity.

I’ve used this news from CNN as a listening activity for C levels. The video is of astonishing beauty as well as an alarming call to urgency.

Created by blogdeserena


Watch the video from CNN and choose the correct option according to what you hear.

Activity by S Farr

1. Greenland's ice __________ 

2.What was said about the melting of the ice sheet? 

3. What does the video mention about the lakes? 

4.  How is global warming affecting the glaciers in Greenland? 

5. Tobias states that ______ 

6. Why is the Summit Station under threat? 

7. Within the claim concerning climate warming as something that has naturally happened throughout history Box states...

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