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B2.1 Multiple choice cloze The environment and polar bears

My B2.1 classes need to practise for open cloze and multiple choice cloze and word formation and …. an endless list :S. I’m not really keen on using classroom time for the CTE activities (except for reading), so I’ve been looking around for some texts that I could use from some old coursebook. I’ve also been getting up to all sorts of tricks in an attempt to squeeze them into an activity that wouldn’t take up too much room because scrolling up and down a computer screen in order to find the most suitable answer, isn’t very practical, isn’t it? But I think I’ve almost managed to put together something half decent, and if it works, I’ll be posting some more. Let me know how they went during our next class, please.

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B2.1 Multiple choice cloze Polar Bear Alert

Read the text and choose the best option for each blank.

Multiple choice cloze Polar Bear alert
Recently, many environmental organisations have been stressing the threats that polar bears face, and have been making effort to raise people's 1)__ of this problem. Fortunately, they have been successful in making governments realise that the 2)__of a set of regulations to protect polar bears is necessary. As a result, in an effort to 3)_the hunting of these bears, in 1973, Canada, Norway Denmark, the USA and the Soviet Union signed the Agreement on the Conservation of Polar Bears. Large polar bear population can be found in areas 4)__in all five countries. However, polar bears are still in danger because of the 5)__of global warming at the North Pole. The melting of the ice there 6) __ a serious threat to polar bears. This is because they can survive only in areas where the oceans 7) __, allowing them to hunt seals living on or under the polar ice cap. Many scientists fear that if governments don't start protecting polar bears, they will 8)___off the face of the earth in the near future.









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