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B1/B2 Surprising (and not so surprising) facts about food

Just as a warm-up or an icebreaker, try out this food quiz. I’d put the class in teams and allow only about half a minute for the players to answer.

Created by blogdeserena

B1- B2 Food quiz

Okay smarty pants!

See if you know the answers to these questions.

Activity by Serena

What can't you find in a mince pie?

Soft drink is the name given to drinks that do not contain...

The famous cartoon Ratatouille's main character was a...

Some experts claim that in the future, humans will eat something that we now think is disgusting. Do you know the word?

Butter is made of...

What's the traditional English breakfast?

When you’re stressed you eat ice cream, chocolate and sweets. Do you know why?

The ice cream you see in the ads isn't real ice cream. What is it?

The statement that there is not enough food in the world to feed everybody is a myth.

There actually exists a perfume of Pizza hut that smells like a freshly baked pizza.

McDonald's burgers are more fattening than their salads.

The Margherita pizza was named after a queen. What country was she from?

When born, a shrimp is a male and evolves into a female.

Sorry! This is the tuna that ate the shrimp 🙁

The only food that doesn't rot is honey.

What food have humans already started growing in space?

Bananas, mangoes, peaches and avocados are pollinated by....

Is the tomato a vegetable?

What's the name of the vegetable that makes you cry?

In the 17th century, carrots were not orange. What colour were they?

Do you know the name of the fruit that contains most protein and oil?

Strawberries are more sugary than lemons.

Thomas Jefferson was the first to serve French fries in America at the White House.

Swiss cheese has holes in it because of the bacteria used to make it.

GM food is the short name for ...

Apples float because they have a lot of protein content, nearly a 25%.

Spaghettis were invented by the Italians.

Eating chocolate before studying and taking tests, increased your chances of understanding and passing with high grade.

Spaghettis were invented by the Chinese more than 2000 years ago.

Prosciutto is an Italian dish.

Convenience food is sometimes frozen.

Fresh food isn't cooked.

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