B1 · video

B2 Expressions that you can use to talk about your choices

In this video you will learn some very useful expressions that you can use to talk about your choice. The topic I chose for the video is holidays and if you were wondering where the film was taken, it’s the beach of Sa Coma in beautiful Mallorca. Yes! I was down on my tummy taking…… Continue reading B2 Expressions that you can use to talk about your choices

B1 · Grammar

Harry Potter-based quiz: verbs with infinitive forms and -ing

From Gifer Right! Time to roll our sleeves up and learn something about verb patterns! Well actually, one neverleaves this until death and does some work on verb patterns  during the year, but the truth is, few students pay too much attention to this aspect of the English language. Anyway, we’re working on it right…… Continue reading Harry Potter-based quiz: verbs with infinitive forms and -ing

B1 · Clothes, fashion & consumerism

B1-B2 Phrasal verbs for Paying and Owing money

Hi there everybody! Here you have a little quiz with 13 phrasal verbs related to  paying and owing money. As usual, read the questions, or the description and guess which is the missing preposition. By the way, in this  activity   you’ll have an example that will help you get the correct guess.

B1 · Body, health & nutrition

B1/B2 Talking about restaurants

This week we’ll be talking about restaurants and restaurant service. As a warm-up have a look at these cartoons and say what you think they are about. There may be a joke you need to explain, or you may even relate to more than one of the illustrations. If you need a couple of hints,…… Continue reading B1/B2 Talking about restaurants

B1 · culture · People, relationships & family

B1 The manners quiz

My father always said things like ‘Little words go a long way.’ And things of the kind. We were always expected to say ‘thank you’ and ‘please’ and you’d easily see your grown-ups throw a fit when this was not the case because having good manners was something that was required from children and adults.…… Continue reading B1 The manners quiz

B1 · Science, techonology & space

B1/B2 Flipping card Technology vocabulary

In this post you have a wordcloud and a flipping card activity with words for the topic of technology for intermediate levels. How to use? Look at the words included in the wordcloud (it’s supposed to look like a laptop, but looks a bit wierd to me lol!). Think about the meaning of the words…… Continue reading B1/B2 Flipping card Technology vocabulary


B1 Extreme adjectives crossword

Here’s another wordcloud with some extreme adjectives for this level. First look up the words in a dictionary. After, try to complete the crossword. Extreme adjectives typically follow words like ‘absolutely’ or ‘extremely’ and either describe emotions or something that can cause a particular reaction, like ‘hilarious’. They are not gradable with words like ‘very’…… Continue reading B1 Extreme adjectives crossword