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B2/C1 Listening Nelson Mandela

Here you have a high B2 or a low C1 sentence completion listening activity that deals with the life of Nelson Mandela. It is through people like him that justice is brought into existence. These people are extremely unpopular for those in power and it is only through their sacrifice and those who support them that situations of wickedness and depravity are forced towards the tipping point and changes can become a reality.

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B2-C1 Listening Nelson Mandela

You are going to watch a video about the Civil Rights Activist and former President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela.

First read the questions and after watch the video. You must fill in the blanks with the word/words you hear from the video.
The video is from Biography Youtube Channel.
I hope you enjoy the activity.

Activity by Serena.

Nelson Mandela

1.Nelson fled to Johannesburg escaping from a  ________.

2.Mandela's situation of an _______ black person gave him an insight of what it was like to be black in South Africa.

3.Mandela blended his two languages together in his plight for human rights. One was a language of law and the other came from his _______ background.

4.Nelson travelled South Africa campaigning against the unjust laws established by the National Party but was later banned and ________to Johannesburg.

5.Mandela, along with Oliver Tambo, defended and provided defence to black people against the apartheid through a ______ firm.

6. In 1956, Nelson and 150 activists were _______ and charged with treason.

7.Nelson met his ______wife while he was waiting for his trial.

8. More than _____ lifes were taken and over 180 people were wounded during the Sharpville demostration. WRITE THE NUMBER!!!!

9.It was after travelling ______ to seek for support, that Mandela was sentenced to prison for five years.

10.During the 80's, Nelson was offered freedom on the condition that he didn't use _______, but he refused.

11. Mandela's contributions to end the apartheid gained him a _____/______.

12. The election of Mandela as president of South Africa proved to be a ______moment.

13.Nowadays, Mandela is viewed as a ______ of how one person can make a difference in the world

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