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B2 Listening 15 Wierd Food Recipes in the World

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I found this video quite funny and entertaining and couldn’t help laughing at the speaker’s reactions to some of the dishes he describes. I’m aware that there is a lot of prejudice concerning eating habits, but what would our great-grandmothers have thought if they had seen us ordering a hamburger and chips at a fast-food restaurant? They would have been horrified and not only that, but they would have lectured us! What would you do if you were offered barbecued scorpions or fried tarantulas for dinner? I think my first reaction would be to puke. What about you?

This week my B2 groups have been talking about eating habits, so I’ve prepared this listening for them that I’m sharing with anybody that would like to learn a little about this topic. By the way, hitting the subscribe button and leaving a like would be totally awesome.

Waiter! Waiter! There’s a wasp in my cookie!

Created by blogdeserena

Listening Intermediate 15 Wierd Food Recipes in the World

Watch the video and choose the best option according to what you hear.

Video from Come Along

Activity by Serena

pre-listening vocabulary


  • monk= a member of a religious group who often live in a monastery
  • delicacy= a type of food considered to be very special
  • entrails= the organs inside the body of a person or an animal
  • oatmeal= crushed oat (a cereal) used to make biscuits, porridge, etc.
  • tripe= a part of an animal's stomach
  • shell= the hard outside cover of an animal like a mussel or a nut like a peanut.
  • skewered food=  is food that is put on thin sticks that go through it.


1) Frogs in France

The reason why frogs became popular in France was because ...

2) Haggis from Scotland. What are the main ingredients for haggis?

3) Armenian kush

The basic ingredient for Armenian kush is...

4) Tuna eyeballs

There are a lot of different descriptions for the flavour of tuna eyeballs. Which of the ones below, WAS NOT mentioned?

5) Black pudding

Black pudding is ...

6) Harkarl, Iceland

A famous chef called Anthony Bordain described this dish as ...

7) A thousand-year-old eggs Pi dan, China

These eggs are preserved in a mixture  ...

8) Wasp crackers, Japan

How are the wasps in wasp crackers cooked?

9) Fried tarantula, Cambodia

Why does the speaker think that eating a tarantula's abdomen can be an extremely unpleasant experience?

10) Shiokara, Japan

What is the main ingredient for shiokara?

11) Witchetty grub, Australia

This food tastes better when ...

12) Escamole, Mexico

Escamoles are ...

13) Escargot, France

Escargot or snails are usually eaten...

14) Beondegi, South Korea

How is beondegi prepared?

15) Skewered scorpions and starfish, China

There are other popular snacks that you can find in Chinese stores and markets. Which one from the options below, were NOT mentioned by the speaker?

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