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A1 What are you wearing? Clothes vocabulary and routine.

This is a How to video for real beginners that covers how to use the present continuous and the present simple when we want to speak about our clothes or what we usually wear or don’t wear.

In the video you will see the different uses for the present simple and the present continuous and some examples. After the video, you can do the flipping card vocabulary activity to learn new words.

How to use the flipping cards

Look at the pictures. Do you know the names for them? Turn the card over to see if you were right.

Try to remember the words and do the activity again until you learn some new words. It isn’t important to learn all the words the same day. You can learn more another day.

Good luck!

Speaking practice

Serena’s blog

What are you wearing right now? Can you describe your clothes?

What’s your favourite piece of clothing?

My favourite piece of clothing is a pair of brown boots. They are quite old. More than six or seven years old! But they are very comfortable and warm. I really love my old, brown boots.

What do you usually wear to work of for school?

What do you usually wear for a special event like a party or a concert?

Is there something that you really hate wearing? What’s is it?

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