B1/B2 Present perfect: still, yet, just and already

These words are often found confusing for learners of English, so here are a few tips with examples on how at use them within the context of the present perfect.

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Present perfect with: yet - still - already - just

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I'm not surprised you feel sick. You have ... eated half the cake. You greedy pig!!!!

She has_____  finished her homework. Now she can hang out with her friends.


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A: Has the film started?

B: No, not .....

I can't believe it! I gave you all that money and you have ... spent it and now you don't have a penny.

Thomas is amazing. He started writing last year and he has .........written a book.

I haven't received the letter from my aunt .... I wonder if she is alright.

I .... haven't received the letter from my aunt.

I can't talk now. I'm ... late for work. My employer will be angry.


A: Has the flight arrived?

B:Yes, it has...arrived.

They haven't booked a table .... I don't know if we can go to that restaurant.

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