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B2: Interviewing nutricionist Yvonne Wake

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Europe Talk Radio  interviews  a nutricionist with more than 30 years of experience on dieting and nutrition.

Everybody has been on a diet during some moment of their life and some of us even go on a diet with far too much frequency. What we don’t seem to be aware of is, that with some exercise along with  changing some of our eating habits, this wouldn’t be necessary. Anyway, the aim of this activity isn’t to lecture students on healthy dieting. Rather, it intends to focus on what Yvonne Wake has to say about this particular issue. And, as a matter of fact, the interview  sheds much light on many of the ‘bad habits’ we are acquiring over time. Many of these, unfortunately  seem to have  become the norm.

  • What reasons does Yvonne mention for people to go on a diet, especially among women?
  • What does Yvonne mention about peer pressure?
  • What does she say about the majority of the diets women go on nowadays?
  • What alternatives to dieting does Yvonne mention?
  • According to Yvonne, are people well informed?
  • Are people aware of how meals at fast food restaurants are prepared?
  • What about eating habits in children? What does Yvonne say about this?

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