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Homophone quiz 3

These words sound the same, but are spelt differently. Drag and drop the words from the menu into the correct position according to the meaning.

Created by blogdeserena

C1-C2 Homophone quiz 3

Choose the correct option

Activity by Serena



She held the.... firmly hoping that the horse would slow down.

Many doctors are combining  orthodox treatment with a wide range of ......therapies.

The whole structure is made from ....

The organisms can be divided into two  ....categories.

He pinned the huge amethyst.... on to his mother's lapel.


They were always .....about their private lives.


The customers were very .... with the staff.

I was about twenty when I met my...mate.


The device uses an eletronic .....to pick up any type of abnormal activity. 

Many companies have imposed .... on smoking in the workplace.


He drove up in a golf....to watch them.

The.....party was at my house with my wife.

Herbert took up motorsports at the age of 10 when he began ...racing.


He didn't like having to.....the subject of leaving home to his parents.

Squirrels.....nuts and seeds for the winter.

His foot ached so he took off his shoe. A nail had gone right through the .....

The outfit is a ....  at that price!

 A ....is a person whose job is to cut out pieces of information or content from films, the press or books, that a group in authority does not approve of.

The taxi mounted the ....and hit the bank.

Looks like you got some ....juice on your T-shirt.


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