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Writing a review


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A review is a brief description of a book, film, play, album, restaurant, etc.A review gives the main point of the plot, event, etc, including the writer’s comments/recommendation.

What is important in a review?

When writing a review, consider the tenses you should use for each paragraph. When describing the plot, present tenses should be used. Paragraphs should include more than one sentence.

When a new topic is introduced, begin a new paragraph. Your recommendation or judgement should be included in the conclusion. Always give good reasons to support your comments/opinions.

What style should you use for a review?

The style of a review can be formal or neutral depending on the intended reader. This means that when writing a review, it is important to have in mind who is asking for it as the style will not be the same for a secondary school or a language magazine.

Structure for a review

Getting started

1. Carefully read the instructions before writing. In the instructions you’ll get a close idea of ‘what information is required’ and ‘what type of public is going to read it’.

2. Brainstorm for ideas and think in which paragraph of your review would it best fit in.

3.Bear in mind that a review isn’t a summary of the plot of a film or a book.

Getting your information organised

Another important point is, organising your information. If paragraphs deal with mixed up items, the reader is bound to get a bit confused or may even miss your point.

Keep it nice and interesting!

Don’t forget that a nice and juicy variety of vocabulary and structures will make your review much more interesting and, although this doesn’t mean that it has to be absolutely highbrow (as the register will depend on who the review is addressed to), always check and double check for repetitions of words and structures that may result too simplistic.

Checklist for reviews

  • Does the piece of writing answer the rubric?
  • Is the review divided into paragraphs?
  • Is the style appropriate?
  • Has a wide range of vocabulary been used?
  • Are there any grammar/structural mistakes?


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