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A1 Furniture vocabulary

Here’s a slide presentation with some furniture vocabulary and two quizzes so that you can test what you learnt. You will also see the structures ‘there is a/an’ and ‘there are…’ in a short video. Click here for vocabulary practice related to bedrooms https://videopress.com/v/5mpEZ59C?resizeToParent=true&cover=true&preloadContent=metadata&useAverageColor=true Serena’s blog

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B2/C1 Speaking practice. Topic: Homes and Houses

Hello! Here is a new speaking activity I’ve prepared for upper intermediate just to get you chatting away. This one covers many of the subjects we could talk about within the topic of Homes and Houses. Rember that in this level you should be able to cope with the questions giving more or less complex…… Continue reading B2/C1 Speaking practice. Topic: Homes and Houses

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Listening Advanced C1: Skara Brae

So you thought you  knew all about interior design and comfort at home, right? You thought that we, modern-day humans, had invented comfortable beds, hygienic bathrooms and all those things that make our homes tasteful and cosy. Well I have some news for you, because that is what I thought until I discovered Skara Brae.…… Continue reading Listening Advanced C1: Skara Brae