A1 · Vocabulary · vocabulary activity

A1 Furniture vocabulary

Here are some more ‘flipping’ cards and a couple of quizzes for some vocabulary practice on home and furniture vocabulary.

Click here for flipping cards with furniture

Click here for vocabulary practice related to living rooms

Click here for vocabulary practice related to bedrooms

A1 · Vocabulary

A1 Vocabulary for homes

Here are two activities for real beginners. The first activity is a flipping card vocabulary list to learn new words and try to remember them. The second activity is a quick vocabulary quiz to revise the words that you have learnt and to help you remember how to write them.

Click here for the flipping cards

Click here for the vocabulary quiz

B2 · speaking · Upper intermediate B2 speaking practice

Upper Intermediate B2 Speaking practice. Topic: Homes and Houses

Hello! Here is a new speaking activity I’ve prepared for upper intermediate just to get you chatting away. This one covers many of the subjects we could talk about within the topic of Homes and Houses. Rember that in this level you should be able to cope with the questions giving more or less complex answers and details, so meet up with your speaking partner, prepare a relaxing cuppa, and take your time to practise.

Pre-intermediate A2 listening activity

Listening Pre-intermediate A2: British homes

What’s your home like?

Here is a listening activity about British homes for Basic levels of English.

The video is from you the Youtuber’s channel, Long Tommy The video belongs to OUP and is one of the series of Windows on Britain. The use of this video is exclusively for educational purposes.