Confusing words: actually/at the moment

Actually (Adv) has a meaning associated to ‘really’ or ‘in fact’ when we want to correct some information in a polite way.

  • Actually, we enjoyed the concert a lot. (Maybe they weren’t expected to have enjoyed it)
  • Actually, we’re from Belgium, not France.

We also use this word to emphasise that something is true.

  • I don’t want to say anything until I actually know all about the whole issue.

At the moment- at present – currently

These expressions refer to the present moment.

  • I’m really busy at the moment. Can I call you later?
  • Currently, about twenty students are enrolled in the course.
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Confusing words actually - at the moment

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I'm really busy.... Can I call you during the weekend? 

... they've never really liked each other, but you'd never guess by how they behave.

...I'm really busy right now. Can I call you during the weekend? 

... I'm not really keen on fish, but I eat it quite often.

...they are not speaking to each other because they had an argument (right now). It's a pity that their friendship broke up. 

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