Confusing words: actually/at the moment

Actually (Adv) has a meaning associated to ‘really’ or ‘in fact’ when we want to correct some information in a polite way.

  • Actually, we enjoyed the concert a lot. (Maybe they weren’t expected to have enjoyed it)
  • Actually, we’re from Belgium, not France.

We also use this word to emphasise that something is true.

  • I don’t want to say anything until I actually know all about the whole issue.

At the moment- at present – currently

These expressions refer to the present moment.

  • I’m really busy at the moment. Can I call you later?
  • Currently, about twenty students are enrolled in the course.
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Confusing words actually - at the moment

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I'm really busy.... Can I call you during the weekend? 

... I'm not really keen on fish, but I eat it quite often.

... they've never really liked each other, but you'd never guess by how they behave.

...they are not speaking to each other because they had an argument (right now). It's a pity that their friendship broke up. 

...I'm really busy right now. Can I call you during the weekend? 

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