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Confusing words: remember/remind

Here’s an entry on two words that very often confuse learners of English. In Spanish and Catalan both verbs ‘remind’ and ‘remember’ are mostly covered by recuerda (Spanish) and record (Catalan) like in Recuerdo haber dejado las llaves sobre la mesa or Recuérdale a Jorge que llame a su madre. However, in English here we’d…… Continue reading Confusing words: remember/remind


Confusing words: travel – trip – journey

travel/trip/ journey travel (uncountable noun) term used to refer to the act or activity of travelling. travel (verb intransitive transitive)  to go from one place to another. When meaning long distances, we usually use travel instead of trip. We also use this word when we talk about travelling for a reason such as work, etc.…… Continue reading Confusing words: travel – trip – journey

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Confusing words: advise – advice

advise/advice Advise /əd’vaɪz /  (verb) Notice that these two words have a different pronunciation Meaning to tell somebody what you think they should or shouldn’t do in a particular situation. Here are some patterns for this verb. Advise somebody: His brother couldn’t advise him because he was far too busy. Advise something: The government has advised…… Continue reading Confusing words: advise – advice


Confusing words: after- later- afterwards

after/later/afterwards After (Prep) meaning later than something, or following another event in time. This form is used in front of a noun phrase. We’ll leave after they call. They lost contact after their grandmother’s death. Later (Adv) Meaning after the time of speaking See you later! Later (Adj) Meaning after something else or in the future…… Continue reading Confusing words: after- later- afterwards