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Holiday and travel vocabulary quiz


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Vocabulary for holiday and travel

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How much was the ___for your ticket?

The general term for the place and what will be made available to clients during a stay somewhere is...? 

The objects you get on a visit to give to somebody or to evoke memories of your visit are called... 

Our_____between the mountains was very long and tiring. 

People usually .... a room.

A person that isn't from the area or is from another country is called_____

A ticket that goes somewhere and doesn't come back is called ____ 

The word for going to a place and back, usually for a short period of time is...?  

What is the word for the type of travel where people go on a ship in order to drink and have fun?

If somebody says that this year they are going to do a staycation, they are...? 

The usual collocation that completes 'business............' is? 

A tourist trap is ... 

What is the word for travelling to work, especially for a long distance?

If you don't like travelling by boat because you feel ill, you could say that you get ...

The action of deliberately getting a suntan is called.

A holidaymaker is a person who... 

If somebody says that the crossing was dangerous they  went by...

What is the name for a big bag that people carry on their back, especially to go camping.

If you go on an organised journey with a particular purpose, especially to find out about something that is unknown about it, you are going on...

He didn't have enough money for the bus____ so I had to lend him some. 

The sun is very strong. You should use ... 

If you visit and see a lot interesting places and landmarks, you have been ...

What does the term B&B refer to?

Maria loves____she always tries to go to different places every year. 

The people that get on a bus, plane or ship are called....

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  1. Thanks for all the advice, I’ve been looking at starting up my blog soon, Though this time, I would like to discover more of the little gems of places I found on the way! I’ve always been nervous on ‘how to write for the audience’ but you’ve helped with this, to give confidence to express myself.

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