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Dependent prepositions

Certain adjectives, nouns and verbs take a preposition after the word in the sentence. Some, in fact take more than one and the meaning can be similar or very different. Unfortunately, there are no rules for these prepositions and the best way to learn them is by noticing them and trying to use them as frequently as possible. But not everything is bad news and a dictionary can help you with this tedious part of the English language.

Here’s an activity for some practice but there are as hundreds of other formations so, remember to look for these samples when reading.

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B2 Dependent prepositions

Choose the best option

Activity by Serena

We'll have to deal __ this problem first.

My children are staying __ my parents next week.

Toni just doesn't like to talk ___ his friends' private life.

You'll have to decide __ what you want to do.

I don't believe ___ ghosts. What a silly thing!

I'm really sorry ___ what happened. I didn't mean to let the cat out of the bag.

I'm really sorry ___ hear about that news.

We're staying ___ a small hotel.

George is angry ____having to drive to the airport so early. 

I can't concentrate ___ my assignments with all that noise.

That book belongs __ Jane.

I'm really fed up ___ Tom. He's always making up strange stories and talking about people.

Think ___ it before you answer.

You really shouldn't keep on complaining__ your job if you're not going to try to change some things about it.

He was opposed ___ the idea of going there in the first place.

I've just bumped ___ Sarah at the supermarket.

Have you heard ___ Ken's new job?

 He was too easily influenced___what other people thought.

I'm frustrated ___politician's lack of compromise.

Jim shouted ___ his sister because she had rung his girlfriend and told her all about his affair.

Soon we'll arrive __ her house.

He was highly motivated ____ the idea of starting a new project. 

She is respected ___ her latest novel. 

She was interested ___ new technologies applied to education.

I feel really sorry ___ him. He's such a nice guy!

He should apologise __ being rude.

I don't approve ___your idea.

I'm inspired ___ people that have positive ideas.

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