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‘Although, though, even though’, ‘despite’ or ‘in spite of’ ?

Hello! Here’s a video from bitable that explains how to use these linking devices.

Click for video

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Stative verbs

Think or thinking ? Have or having? When dealing with stative verbs, we basically mean those verbs that describe a state instead of an action, but this can be a tricky thing  and sometimes a verb belongs to both categories depending on context. When can we use these  verbs in the progressive form? Here are a few tips along with a quiz.

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The Present perfect simple

Hi! Trying not to be too boring although we need to go over some grammar. Here’s a link for this tense and some related activities.

Click here for interrogative word order with yes/no questions

Yet, just, still and already activity

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The present tense of ‘have’ in positive statements

Hi! Here’s some help for beginners on ‘have’ as a possessive verb. Hope you have a nice time learning and doing the activities. Please don’t forget to ‘like’ if you find it interesting (people seldom remember do to this… sigh 😦  )