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Listening B2: Mari Malek

Mari Malek is a New York-based model, actor and DJ. But not only is this extremely beautiful woman all this, she is also a refugee with a story and a strong purpose in life that goes much deeper than being a top model. Watch the video to do the listening activity and see if you can remain untouched by her story.

Video from BBC News.

Created by blogdeserena

B1 B2 Listening Mari Malek

Read the questions and watch the video. Fill the blanks the the word/words you hear.

Video from BBC News.

Activity by Serena







Listen and write the missing word(s) according to what you hear.

1) They have suffered war for more that four ___

2) Due to that she couldn't speak the language, she couldn't __/___.

3) Becoming a model doesn't mean getting a/an __ and everything becoming fantastic.

4) Mari says she may be one of the few black women in the ___.

5) Mari can hardly bear to see the children from her country ___.

6) Everything she does is being done for a __.

7) She wants to inspire refugee children and encourage them to fight the ___ they have to face.

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