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Listening B2-C1: Funny gags about posh English

Why should learning a language mean getting stressed and not having fun? Come on! Who ever said that stuff about  ‘one has to suffer to reach an aim’? Not meaning by this that a certain amount of effort shouldn’t be invested in whatever we want to do if we want to make progress, but if you enjoy what you’re doing, you are always going to do much better and consequently, learn much more.

Here are some funny gags on posh English people for you to practise your listening skill. Enjoy!

Created by blogdeserena


You are going to watch a video from oromiszelda's Youtube Channel. This video is a collection of gags about posh people from Catherine Tate. A gag is a joke or a funny story, usually told by a comedian.

Choose the correct option according to what you hear.

Activity by Serena

  1. The mother said that whatever happened that day, the children's parents would be immensely....

2) The eggs were...

3) The bad news the mother tells the children concerning the car is that...



4) What's the main problem that happens when the car mechanic arrives?

5) What's the main problem with the car?

6) Why did the familly go to Tottenham? By the way, the pronunciation is /ˈtɑtənəm/.



7) What's wrong with the gooseberry and cinnamon yogurt?


8)  Fergus had...

9) Fergus said that Ms Thomas wasn't to blame because...

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