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Listening Advanced C1: Do We Really Need the Moon?

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There has been a lot of talk about the moon lately because fifty years ago man set foot on it.  There also seems to be a lot of debate related to whether this actually happened or if it was merely propaganda due to the Space Race. Aware as I am that this information will most probably remain a mystery as well as providing a nice subject for an English class debate, I’ve used a video from BBC Earth to explore the topics of Science and Technology and The Natural World within the subject of space travel/exploration because this is one of the possible questions you could be required to deal with in a speaking test.

As an introduction, we’re going to see some idioms that use the words ‘moon and stars’. Afterwards, as a second step, I’ve posted an activity where you can try to predict some of the reasons why the moon is important for life on earth. A third step implies watching a video and doing a true/false activity related to the information you extract. But we’re not going to finish here, instead we’re going to listen to the same video again (although much more carefully this time), to develop listening strategies for very specific words you hear in the video as this activity is a filling the gap one.

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True False Listening activity Do We Need the Moon?

Watch the video and mark true or false according to what you say.

Video from BBC Earth Lab

Activity by S Farr

Moon light rules the reproductive cycles of many of the earth’s species.

Even if there were no moon, animals could still reproduce due to daylight.

The moon only causes the high tides on earth.

The sun has also an important role in the creation of tides.

Intertidal zones are areas of land that always remain slightly above sea level.

Scientists suggest that the earth’s rotation has slowed down due to the effect of the moon.

As time passes, days will become shorter.

The earth’s present day axial tilt is due to the moon.

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Created by blogdeserena

C1-C2 Listening Do We Need the Moon?

Watch the video and complete the sentences according to what you hear.

Video from BBC Earth Lab

Activity by Serena


1) The video is about the Earth’s natural _________ the moon.

2) The moon takes over ______ days to orbit the Earth

3) ___________ would be easier if the moon disappeared from the sky.

4) Many animals would rely on moonlight for their________/_______.

5) The moon creates tides by pulling the earth’s water towards itself and creating a bulge on
the Earth’s ________.

6) The areas of land along the coastline are called intertidal _____.

7) Scientists reckon that four and a half _________ years ago, days only lasted 6 hours.

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