Confusing words: remember/remind

Here’s a lesson on two words that very often confuse learners of English. In Spanish and Catalan both verbs ‘remind’ and ‘remember’ are mostly covered by recuerda (Spanish) and record (Catalan) like in Recuerdo haber dejado las llaves sobre la mesa or Recuérdale a Jorge que llame a su madre. However, in English here we’d use different verbs, I remember leaving the keys on top of the table and Remind Jorge to call his mother. Things can even get a little worse in the case of ‘remember’ and its different verb patterns that change the meaning like in the examples below.

I remember leaving my keys on the table. (I have a mental picture of me doing this in the past)

I remembered to leave my keys on the table. (I didn’t forget to do this)

If you click on the lesson, you’ll get a short presentation on how to use both verbs. Afterwards, you can practise by doing activity below.

Created by blogdeserena

Confusing words REMIND - REMEMBER

Choose the best option

Activity by Serena

Visitors are ...that taking pictures is not allowed.

His wife ...  him of his duty with his kids.

... me to stop at the pharmacy on the way home. (don't let me forget)

I keep forgetting where I put my list, but I can ...  now.

I'm sorry! I can't ...  your name.

I ...  to make the appointment.

Could you ... me how to log in?

I ... visiting my grandparents when I was little. (I have these memories of past times)

I've just ... the name of that group! It's Alter Bridge.

... me to your aunt, will you? (give her my regards)

She ... him to drive slowly.

When you laugh, you ... me of your father.


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