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C1-C2 Listening ‘How to speak to a narcissist’

Phew! Thank goodness I’m not one of these! – or at least I don’t fit into the descriptions mentioned in the video- I might be something else though ūüôā

In this listening activity you have a sentence completion where there may be up to three words. Try to keep strict spacing.

Created by blogdeserena

C2 LISTENING How to speak to a narcissist

You are going to watch a video from Step for Change. Complete the sentences with the word(s) you hear.

Activity by Serena


1. Of the two main characteristics that the narcissistic personality shares is that these people have a _________  attitude in many things they do.

2.Although many people tend to relate other people's problems to their own, narcissistic personality types do this in a way that is extremely __________for others.

3. Within the first characteristic,  narcissists  often relate themselves to renowned people by continually ______________.

4. In places like restuarants,  it's very common to see a narcissist dealing with the service in a harsh way, complaining and talking __________.

6. When dealing with a narcissist, it's important to make eye contact putting a message forward clearly, but avoid looking at the narcissist in a_________ way as this could be viewed menacingly

7. One of the main mistakes that people make when dealing with a narcissistic,  is that they expect to gain improvements by ________to empathy.

8. If a critical situation is rendered by painting a ____________, a narcissist can eventually partly understand the feelings and needs of others.

9. Dr. Hamlin admits that it is possible to deal with narcissists  as long as we are always ________ that it will not be a normal conversation.

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