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A1 Open cloze ‘My favourite place for a holiday’

My A1 groups were a bit frightened when they saw ‘their first’ open cloze, so I promised that I would post some on the blog so that they could become familiar with this type of activity. Here’s the first one (and I hope, not the last).

Remember to read the text very carefully. Think about the missing word before writing it in the blank. and check for spelling errors. Once you have the grade, see which answers were not correct and think about the reasons. Making mistakes is how you learn more, so don’t be afraid to make them. Let me know how it went!!!!

Created by blogdeserena


OPEN CLOZE My favourite city

Read the text and  complete with ONE suitable word for each blank. 

Activity by Serena

My favourite place for a holiday is Pontevedra. Pontevedra 0) is in the north-west of Spain. The city is the capital of the province of Pontevedra in Galicia. It's a beautiful city 1) ... lots of very old and modern buildings.  Pontevedra 2) ... a population of 83,029 and it is also a tourist destination for lots of families 3) ... other parts of Spain and European countries. The city of Pontevedra is very old and the name comes from the Roman language meaning 'old bridge' because the river Lérez crosses 4) ... city. The old Roman bridge 5) ... not exist now but there is another bridge in its place called the Burgo Bridge.






The temperature in Pontevedra is mild. In summer it is about 24º and in winter about 10 but 6)... rains nearly every day!  Pontevedra has lots of parks and green areas. Lots of families go to the parks to spend the day relaxing or 7) ... sport. Visitors also go shopping in Pontevedra because there 8) ... lots of shops and markets with a big selection of top quality and artisan products.




Galician food is delicious!  You can find lots of good restaurants that serve typical dishes like 'pulpo a la gallega' or 'lacon con grelos' and you can drink  a Ribeiro wine. But if you are 9) ... very hungry, you can go to a café and have a Galician pie or a slice of cake. You can do lots of things in Pontevedra. It 10) ... expensive and the people 11) ... very friendly. But above all, the tourist that go to Pontevedra don’t dirty the beaches or behave badly 12) ... they love the place and they want to go back again.





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