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Flipping quiz! Holiday vocabulary

With all the problems we’re having teaching during the pandemic, one has to reinvent activities and strategies that allow students to interact and do things in the classroom without putting their health at risk. Not long ago, my students shared cards, mixed and mingled with each other and spent their time interacting. Now, we can’t…… Continue reading Flipping quiz! Holiday vocabulary

A1 · Holidays, travel & transportation

A1 Open cloze ‘My favourite place for a holiday’

My A1 groups were a bit frightened when they saw ‘their first’ open cloze, so I promised that I would post some on the blog so that they could become familiar with this type of activity. Here’s the first one (and I hope, not the last). Remember to read the text very carefully. Think about…… Continue reading A1 Open cloze ‘My favourite place for a holiday’

Holidays, travel & transportation

C1 Ten Things Tourists Should’t do When Visiting London

Have you ever visited London? Many of my students haven’t which is a real pity because this city is an incredible place bustling with life and exciting things to do. It’s also a cultural melting pot where you would hardly go out without meeting people from all walks of life. What’s it like? If you…… Continue reading C1 Ten Things Tourists Should’t do When Visiting London

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Confusing words: travel – trip – journey

travel/trip/ journey travel (uncountable noun) term used to refer to the act or activity of travelling. travel (verb intransitive transitive) ┬áto go from one place to another. When meaning long distances, we usually use travel instead of trip. We also use this word when we talk about travelling for a reason such as work, etc.…… Continue reading Confusing words: travel – trip – journey

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Word formation activity: Balconing

I wish I hadn’t got a hateful tendency to pick out horrible scraps of news for some of our activities. What I would really like is to always be in a very positive mood and only mention the very beautiful things related to my home island. But I just guess that part of my blog will…… Continue reading Word formation activity: Balconing