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C1/C2 Words with prefix self-


Good morning! Here’s a quick quiz for vocabulary with some words that use the prefix self-.

Created by blogdeserena

C1-C2 Word formation Self- as prefix

Here you have a vocabulary quiz related to vocabulary that uses self as a prefix


Quiz by Serena

Synonym of independent. Able to make decisions  and do things  yourself instead of depending on other people for help.

Our aim is to teach children to be practical and.....

A situation in where a person does harm to himself or herself.

Constantly telling yourself that you are ugly and unworthy is an example of ...

Synonym of self-esteem. A feeling of confidence in yourself that you are a good and useful person.

Praise your children to give them a sense of....

Able to produce all the things you need without help from others.


Tending to think only about yourself and not thinking about the needs or feelings of other people.

He's so... he never notices the presence of other people with problems.

Only concerned about yourself.

The child sat down upset and...

Nervous because you worry about what people think about you.

I always feel a bit... in that dress.

To become rich and successful due to your own hard work rather than the help of other people.

She was pround of the fact that she was a....woman.

Feeling sorry for yourself concerning one's own difficulties, hardships, etc.

He couldn't avoid feeling.....for himself. She'd dumped him.

Using your skills and abilities to achieve as much as you possibly can.

Meditation is a systematic discipline that attempts to help people move towards the goal of.....

Covered in a sticky substance on one side so as to stick without using glue.

These.... envelopes are ok unless you want to open them again.

The act of finding fault with or blaming oneself.

Sitting on the side of her bed, her gaze is downturned, replete with a combination of remorse,...., and despair.

Admitting that you are a particular type of person or have a particular problem, especially a bad one.


Knowledge and understanding of your own caracter.

Coaching can help you achieve ....

Of an envelope with the address of the addressee on it.

A stamped..... envelope was on the doorstep. He immediately recognised the letter he had sent himself the previous day.

Interested only in your own needs, never having in mind those of others.

Ministers followed the example of their.... masters, thinking it no shame to accept pensions from foreign sovereigns.

Synonym of sanctimonious.  in a way that shows that you think that you are always morally right and other people are wrong.

We have to be more understanding and not so.....


Not allowing yourself to have or do things in order to help other people.

It was then that she learned of his... devotion.

Giving yourself a particular title, job, et., especially without the agreement of other people.

Maria was the...spokeswoman for the group.

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