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C1/C2 Open cloze ‘Painkillers could affect nurturing’

This week we’ll be dealing with health, so this means that I’ll be posting some ‘extra stuff’ on this particular topic. Today I’m posting an open cloze on painkillers and the possible side effects. Remember that there may be other possible answers, but doing an activity online means that the program will only accept the answer that I introduced as the solution.

Created by blogdeserena

Use of English

OPEN CLOZE Painkillers could affect nuturing

Read the text and  fill the blanks with ONE word.

Activity by Serena

Those addicted 0) to painkillers 1) .... not find babies cute. While this may not seem a big deal, doctors claim this is a dangerous sign of 2).... drugs can manipulate the brain. The human tendency to  find babies cute stems 3).... our drive to nurture and protect, but a study by the University of Pennsylvania (USA) found that babies do not trigger any emotional reaction 4) ... addicts. The researchers said that drugs derived from opium that are prescribed for pain are some of the most common medications  in the world, but they appear to change the motivation to care for 5) ... and could mean a more serious cognitive imbalance. Addiction to opioids, both illicit drugs such as heroin and pain treatments, affects 6) ..... four million people in the USA. Their use is associated with reduced responses to natural rewards, as well as abnormal social behaviour but could 8) .... affect basic human instincts, according to the study.








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