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A1 Open cloze 'My favourite place for a holiday'

My A1 groups were a bit frightened when they saw ‘their first’ open cloze, so I promised that I would post some on the blog so that they could become familiar with this type of activity. Here’s the first one (and I hope, not the last).

Remember to read the text very carefully. Think about the missing word before writing it in the blank. and check for spelling errors. Once you have the grade, see which answers were not correct and think about the reasons. Making mistakes is how you learn more, so don’t be afraid to make them. Let me know how it went!!!!

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A1 Furniture vocabulary

Here are some more ‘flipping’ cards and a couple of quizzes for some vocabulary practice on home and furniture vocabulary.

Click here for flipping cards with furniture

Click here for vocabulary practice related to living rooms

Click here for vocabulary practice related to bedrooms

A1 · Vocabulary

A1 Vocabulary for homes

Here are two activities for real beginners. The first activity is a flipping card vocabulary list to learn new words and try to remember them. The second activity is a quick vocabulary quiz to revise the words that you have learnt and to help you remember how to write them.

Click here for the flipping cards

Click here for the vocabulary quiz