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C1/C2 Vocabulary quiz for arts and crafts

Here’s a flipping card vocabulary quiz that intends to cover most of the vocabulary related to arts and crafts. Read the description or look at a picture, guess the word and flip the card to see if you were right. You have a clue on each card.

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2 thoughts on “C1/C2 Vocabulary quiz for arts and crafts

  1. Hello Óscar! So pleased to read you again. I was wondering how you would be coping with the lockdown. And yes, I realised you were one of ‘my students from the degree at the UNED and a little birdie told me that you successfully completed your studies, which is fantastic as it requires a lot of discipline and stamina to keep up all that hard work until the very end.
    Thank you very much for your comments, although I now realise that I’ve left out a few words that I’d like to include, so I’ll be updating the quiz soon.
    Keep safe and healthy,



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