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Homophone quiz 2

Here’s another of the three quizzes related to homophones that you’ll find on this blog. Just drag and drop the correct word into the empty space according to the meaning..

Created by blogdeserena

C1-C2 Homophone quiz 2

Choose the correct option

Activity by Serena



At first he too thought there must have been a military ...

The rain had been drumming on our window....all night.

People used to chain ... bears for sport.

Hats have been sent in from five .....and at least five were knitted in Britain.

If people have the same general...., then they start off with at least one thing in common. 

She then sent the reservation.... for a very expensive restaurant. 

She carried our bags and warmed some carrot and....soup.

There were times when I wondered how much....one person could deal with.

A) A diesel rental car gives more ...pleasure.

Give me chastity, Lord, " Augustine had prayed, `Give me ...But not yet!

It was a frosty night and....trees sparkled with a dusting of snow.

Fill 4 glasses with the.....and leave to chill in the fridge for at least 4 hours.

Experts blame hight amounts of sugar in food and drink as well as poor ... hygiene.

The large reception room is full of deer and....heads.

One was a student, the other ran a stall at the local ....

Over it she has on an enormous army parka, lined with pink..., which makes her look very small.

They keep chickens in a ... on the roof and sheep in the yard.

His behaviour's been... these last few days. He's beginning to worry me.

Jane and I waited with ... breath to hear what John considered sensible.

There will be an enquiry into the alledged securiy....

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