2 thoughts on “English Idioms Witch Hunt

  1. Yes, indeed. You’re absolutely right! There’s a sort of witch hunt towards people not wanting to be vaccinated, for instance. There are also quite a few changes that despite the fact that teachers are expected to remain in jam-packed classes, just to set an example, you can’t get an appointment for a medical check-up or many of the public services you could expect. But I suppose this is ‘the new normality’.
    I would highly recommend reading La Doctrina del Shock concerning this loss of rights, if you haven’t done so already.
    Thanks for commenting!

  2. Hi, Serena!
    How do you do?
    It is really interesting the idiom “witches hunt”. Of course it was very useful for Arthur Miller to describe the political harassment that he and other intellectuals suffered in the 50’s in USA.
    It is currently working. It can describe Trump’s, Putin’s and similar politicians way to act. Months ago, for instance, I was talking with some people about how we feel under some of the restrictions by the covid pandemic, and that idiom, “witches hunt” appeared. It was not refered to anything concret. It was a way to describe the social feeling, the atmosphere. It is something like to say that some things like a pandemic can be use like an excuse to control the population. So we have a “witches hunt” sensation. Have a nice weekend. 🙂

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