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C1/C2 Crossword Immigration

How many words from the wordcloud are you familiar with? Check the meaning of the terms and complete the crossword below.

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1. To force somebody to leave a country, especially because they have broken the law.
2. A person who has been forced to leave their country or home, because there is a war or for political, religious or social reasons.
3. An official document that gives somebody the right to do something, especially for a limited period of time.
4. Protection that a government gives to people who have left their own country, usually because they were in danger for political reasons.
5. The action of sending a person away from a place, especially from a country.
6. A person who moves from one place to another, especially in order to find work.
7. A person living outside their country.
8. A stamp or mark put in your passport by officials of a foreign country that gives you permission to enter, pass through or leave their country.
9. The legal right to belong to a particular country.
10. A person who goes to live in a new country or region.
11. a place where people are kept in temporary buildings or tents, especially by a government and often for long periods.
12. A person who lives or works in a country illegally.
13. To make somebody who was not born in a particular country a citizen of that country.
14. A person who is not accepted as a member of a society, group, etc.

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