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C1/C2 Listening 5 Reasons that justify deportation

No issue is more hotly contested today than immigration, with restrictionists calling for the deportation of illegals and a 50 percent cut in legal immigration. How many of the reasons against immigration listed below are you familiar with?

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In the activity below you will hear a podcast from Reason.com. Listen and fill the empty blanks with the word(s) you hear. As this activity aims to prepare you for a C level listening test, you will have time to play the audio twice before the activity closes. Before doing the listening activity, you may want to do the crossword activity with vocabulary related to this topic. In that case, you will find a link to this post below.

Crossword and wordcloud post

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C1-C2 Listening Five reasons that justify deportation

You are going to hear a podcast from Reason.com

Listen and fill in the gaps with the word(s) you hear.

The activity will be set to an amount of time that will allow you to hear the audio twice and complete the task.

One minute to read the questions.

10 minutes to listen to the audio twice.

One minute to complete the task.

Activity by Serena

1) In addition to reducing highschool dropouts' wages, low-skilled immigrants bring down prices for all Americans by doing jobs such as fruit picking or cleaning up on ___.

2) Immigrants use of taxpayer funded services are ________ healthcare and education for their children.

3) The use of programmes by immigrants that qualify is less significant that the use of native-born Americans or ____.

4) Most illegals pay income and payroll taxes because most of them use fake ____ and other documents to get hired.

5) In 2010, only ______ were given to Mexicans where the majority went to close family members.

6) Under the rubrica of family reunification, due to backlogs for most non-America citizens, bringing a spouse, an adult or parent into the U.S can take between ______.

7) Concerning issues such as learning the language, Hispanics are ____ to speak English at home than in the past.

8) Most Americans believe that emmigration helps__.

Speak for a minute

  • How far do you agree with the podcast?
  • Can you compare any of the statements from the podcast to your country?
  • In what ways can immigration harm or/and benefit a country?
  • Are you an immigrant? Do you have any relatives who were or have been immigrants? What was/is it like for you/them?

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