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C1-C2 Selling and buying vocabulary crossword

Happy dosh We’ve just finished the unit on consumerism, and then ooops! I start panicking. Does my group know all the words they need to know? Just in case, here’s one of those crosswords they seem to truely hate, along with some coins that insisted on saying hello (just to cheer them up a bit).…… Continue reading C1-C2 Selling and buying vocabulary crossword

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How Urbane Farming Saved a Dallas Community

I’m so grateful to have found this video by Freethink, that will not only provide my students with the opportunity to speak about community problems, but it is also witnesses an inspiring approach to dealing with poverty, famine and the feeling of hopelessness. It also proves that WE as CITIZENS CAN rethink how our system…… Continue reading How Urbane Farming Saved a Dallas Community


B2 Cooking vocabulary 2

Hello. In this post you’ll find a short video with pictures and a short quiz for basic cooking vocabulary for intermediate levels of English. Cooking vocabulary 2 covers more advanced verbs. If you’d like to check your memory and spelling, you can do the crossword that you’ll find in this post. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L2jvCoLTf5U Serena’s blog cooking-verbs2-crossword-1Descarga…… Continue reading B2 Cooking vocabulary 2

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Intermediate Shopping and money crossword

Photo by freestocks.org on Pexels.com Nothing like a nice and juicy crossword to get our neurons working on Monday. Try this crossword made on Crossword lab. By the way, why is it that whenever I look for a picture related to shopping, there are so many photos of women shopping? I hate shopping and I…… Continue reading Intermediate Shopping and money crossword