People, relationships & family

B1 Speaking practice: Family and relationships

Here’s a presentation where you can practise speaking about families and relationships.

There are so many things we could say about this complex issue, but to start with, some people don’t feel comfortable when they have to speak about private matters in front of the class. On some occasions, some students even get a bit upset because they have been asked to talk about an argument or something they would much rather avoid dragging out into the light. For this reason I’ve tried to keep this presentation sort of light-hearted. Anyway, remember that if you don’t want to speak about something, you can always say something like ‘I’m sorry, but I’d rather not answer that question (or something along those lines).

For the time being, here are eight sheets to get your tongues wagging (I’m joking 🙂 ). There’ll be more soon so stick around.

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