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Food waste and what we can do about it.

In 2016 Huffpost launched a campaign calling for action against the astronomical amount of food that was being dumped into the bins by supermarkets in the USA. Although the article is already over three years old, I’ve adapted it as a reading activity that you can do after listening to the video that briefly explains why we should think seriously about this matter. After reading the text, you may want to discuss the questions below with a partner and/or write a letter.

I hope you enjoy the lesson!


Think and discuss

  1. Do you think governments should curb food waste within households and businesses? Give reasons for your answer.
  2. Why do you think supermarkets and chain stores prefer to discard their produce rather than sale it at a reduced price?
  3. In some states of USA it is illegal to scavenge. Do you agree with this law? What reasons do you think are behind it?
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Advanced C1 Listening TED Talks Are we running out of clean water?

Despite water covering 71% of the planet’s surface, more than half the world’s population endures extreme water scarcity for at least one month a year. Current estimates predict that by 2040, up to 20 more countries could be experiencing water shortages. These statistics raise a startling question: is the Earth running out of clean water? Balsher Singh Sidhu takes a closer look at water consumption. (introduction text from TED Talks)

Here you will find three topic-based activities on the issue of water. The fist activity is a quick pre-listening quiz on some of the vocabulary that you will hear in a video. The second button below is for the video. After watching the video you may want to discuss some questions so I’ll find five, hopefully, thought-provoking ones at the end of the post.

Speaking practice

  • Does your country suffer from water shortage, and if not, do you believe this will be a problem in the coming future?
  • Does your government invest in sustainable water usage? If so, how?
  • What types of things do you do in order to reduce your water footprint?
  • How do different economic sections cope with the issue of global warming and water shortage in your country?
  • What parts of the world are the most vulnerable to water scarcity?
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Upper Intermediate B2 Speaking practice. Topic: Homes and Houses

Hello! Here is a new speaking activity I’ve prepared for upper intermediate just to get you chatting away. This one covers many of the subjects we could talk about within the topic of Homes and Houses. Rember that in this level you should be able to cope with the questions giving more or less complex answers and details, so meet up with your speaking partner, prepare a relaxing cuppa, and take your time to practise.

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Present perfect: Have you ever…?


This application from Wheel decide is great fun for practising ‘Have you ever’ structures.

All you have to do is click on the wheel and answer the question that come up. Some of them are quite tongue-in-cheek, but telling fibs is also a way to spice up an English class.

<a href=”http://<iframe src=”https://wheeldecide.com/e.php?c1=won+a+prize&c2=booked+a+very+exotic+destination&c3=met+a+famous+person&c4=lost+your+luggage&c5=lost+your+mobile+phone&c6=made+a+horrible+mistake&c7=forgotten+to+pay+at+a+bar+or+a+restaurant&c8=lost+something+very+valuable&c9=missed+a+flight&c10=visited+the+same+country+more+than+once&c11=been+in+a+disaster+place&c12=seen+a+ghost&c13=eaten+something+very+exotic&c14=missed+a+train&c15=written+a+book&c16=planted+a+tree&c17=rescued+an+animal&c18=helped+a+stranger&c19=found+a+lot+of+money&c20=done+extreme+sport&c21=had+a+crush+on+a+famous+person&c22=lost+your+flight+ticket&c23=bought+something+you+have+never+used&c24=spent+all+you+money+on+something+you+didn%27t+need&c25=experienced+a+natural+disaster&c26=volunteered+&c27=donated+to+charity&t=Have+you+ever&time=5&#8243; width=”500″ height=”500″ scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0″>Click for the wheel here