Viking words

The English language is the result of many different cultures moving into the British Isles throughout history. One of these groups were the Danes. At first, when this new group of people arrived, it was only for the purpose of plunder or rather, ‘to go a viking’ and this is the reason why these people were eventually called Vikings. The people from the British Isles were terrified by the violent attacks that these people from the north raged on them. However, not all the newcomers were violent and many stayed, settled down and farmed the land peacefully. They built towns, brought their own cultural aspects into the new land and of course, their language too. Here’s a very funny video from ‘Horrible Histories’ giving some examples of these Viking words that are in present-day English.

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Some Grammar: Passives

Worried about passives? Here’s video made with Bitable.

I must say that I just love creating stuff using different technological divices. I really believe this can make a huge change in how we learn the different contents we have to deal with.  Wow! Don’t I have fun!

B1 Grammar activity on Passives

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B2 Grammar activity on Passives

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