Intermediate B1 modals for obligation, prohibition and suggestions

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Copy - Comparative adjectives using than

Complete the sentences. Use the adjective in brackets. 

Activity by Serena

Today the weather is warmer than yesterday. Yesterday it was ...  today, wasn't it? (cold)

Your soup was so tasty in comparison to mine. Your soup was .... the soup I cooked. (tasty)

Your cat isn't as fat as mine. My cat is ... your cat. (fat)

Jane's painting wasn't as beautiful as Pat's painting. Pat's painting was ... Jane's painting. (beautiful)

Your sister isn't as happy as you. You're ...  your sister. (happy)

This book isn't as interesting as the one I read the other day. This book is ...  the one I read the other day. (boring)

You're not as old as me. You're ...  me. (young)

I didn't like Paris very much. I think London was more exciting. Paris was ... London. (exciting)

The park wasn't as interesting as the department store. The park was ...  the department store. (interesting)

Your new car was more expensive than your old car. Your new car was ...  your old car. (cheap)

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