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B2 wish-if only-would rather

We can use a third conditional, a “wish” structure, a “would rather” structure and “if only” among some of the possibilities when expressing ideas about “other realities” Here’s an activity that deals with these structures.

Created by blogdeserena

wish- would rather- if only

Complete the sentences. Use the verb in brackets if there is one

Activity by Serena

Tim and Conan are having a great time right now, but Mum doesn't let me go out.

If only I ... and meet them. (go out)

My girlfriend isn't speaking to me. And I'm not at all surprised because I was so rude to her last night. (be)

If only I............ so rude!

Now I've got to stay stuck in the house all evening because I can't find keys.

If only .......the keys! (lose)

I wish.......  what she was going to do.  (know)

I have to get up really early. (get up)

I wish I.................so early.

If you had told me about your job, I would have helped you. (tell)

I wish.......about your job.

All my friends are going away for the weekend. I can't because I've got to finish these reports. (have to)

If only I..... finish these reports.

I lost the keys. Now I really regret being so absent-minded. (be)

If only I .... so absent-minded!

Jane would rather her daughter ..... to her about the results. (not lie)

I would rather John .... the cat out of the bag about the surprise party last night. (not let)

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