B2 Vocabulary for relationships

Here’s an activity that aims to help you when you speak about romantic relationships.

Created by blogdeserena

Intermediate Romantic vocabulary quiz

Here you have a vocabulary quiz related to romantic vocabulary


Quiz by Serena

I __Wendy while I was playing in a band.

We ___ for a few months.

We started to date each other and soon we realised that we __a lot of things in common.

I really have a ___on the new boy in sixth form. I think he's really interesting and good-looking.

Can you believe it? David has ____his girlfriend. He texted her a horrible message saying he didn't want to see her again!

When I was a girl I fell ___love with my neighbour.  I thought he was so handsome!

We were very good friends, but we have __because we had a big argument.

After going out for two years, my sister and her boyfriend have____.

Eventually, Peter ___ the question and so they are getting married.

My parents keep telling me that it's time to settle __, but I still haven't found that special person.

I'm furious with Tom. We had a date and he turned __ two hours late.

I'm absolutely head __ heels!!! He's so lovely, kind, intelligent and nice in every possible way!

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