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Film review: Gladiator

If you were to write a recommendation about a film, which one would you write about?

Writing about a film or a book would actually mean setting up a review. How good are you at doing this? In this activity, you’re going to complete the text with the film vocabulary that you’ll find below the text and at the same time, you’ll become familiar with this genre. That is, reviews.

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B1 - B2 Film vocabulary Gladiator

Read the text and complete it with a word from the box

Activity by Serena

Gladiator is a British- American epic historical drama film released in 2000 and produced by Ridley Scott. The film's main 1) ... is Russell Crow, who plays Maximus, but there are other very well-known actors such as Richard Harris and Oliver Stone.

The film is 2) ... in AD 180, when Romans legions fought against Germanic tribes. The physical setting for the film is in three main places, modern day Austria, Spain and North Africa. The film was a 3) ... success and received many 4) ..., including Best Actor, Best Picture and three others, just to mention some. Gladiator was 5) ... on three main locations from January to May 1999.

The film explores a conflict that originates from the desire for power where Commodus  6) ... by Joaquin Phoenix), the son of Emperor Marcus Aurelius, murders his father and accuses General Maximus of treason. Maximus is arrested and escapes to his homeland in Spain. When Maximus arrives home, he learns that his family has been murdered. Seriously wounded, Maximus loses consciousness and is captured by a slave- driver that will sell him to a gladiator trainer.

The 7) ... is fast-paced with interesting special 8) ... and a beautiful 9) ... by Hans Zimmer. I really recommend watching this film, even if you're not keen on 10) ... films.

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