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B2 Speaking practice The Natural World

My former presentation on this topic was a bit outdated, and as I’ve just upgraded to a new version of Affinity software, I couldn’t resist giving it a try. I honestly thought it would only take me about four hours, but as usual, I got carried away and ended up spending the whole day. (Oops! :S)

Even so, I hope the result was worth it and that it makes learners of English want to speak about the natural world, the environmental problems, and what we can do to help our home planet recover from all the damage that we humans are causing.

Today, on the 13th, I converted the presentation into a video. I understand that during a speaking activity, you will need some time to think about what you would like to say, so the video might be too fast for that. However, you can always press the pause button to stop or play as needed. I hope you like the changes I have made.

By the way, I was inspired by a BBC video on sustainable shopping that I used some years ago for a vocabulary activity.

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