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Vocabulary for Technology

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Intermediate vocabulary for technology

Here you have a vocabulary quiz related to technology.

Read and choose the best option.

Quiz by Serena

The electricity was _____________so we couldn't access the Internet.

I'll need some help ____________the program onto a computer.

The school is currently _________the use of technology in the classroom.

I'm going to do an/a _________course next month.

Use your __________to move the cursor around the screen.

Which of these words IS NOT used to describe a  person who is expert or enthusiastic about technology even if they are experts?

Why don't you _______the Internet for a nice and relaxing hotel?

The word that means to scan through a text or a website to gain information is__________

The reason why your computer isn't working is that it is ___________.

To enter a computer system without permission is to ___________ into (something).

I can't store any more documents on my USB stick because the _______is full.

Michael has _____ a new website for his company.

I was sending a document when suddenly the computer ________

Thousands of pieces of data are ____________in a computer's memory.

I'll need to _________my mobile phone if I want to use this application

Write your password to ___________to your account.

Jane has just _____ a computer club.

You should _________your bank account PIN numbers and after, destroy the paper with this information.

You can use my ___________computer if you want.

Tom spilt beer on my ________

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