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B1-B2 Vocabulary quiz for education

Here you will find most of the words you need for a B2 level of English related to the topic of education.

First look at the wordcloud. How many of these words are new to you and how many are unknown? Write down the new words and look up their meaning in a dictionary or ask your classmate what they refer to.

After, you can take the quiz to see how many words you understand.

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B2 Vocabulary quiz TOPIC: Education

Read and choose the correct word for the definition.

Good luck!!!

Something that shows that you have successfully passed a course, a degree or a type of training programme.

An amount of money that is given to somebody to help them pay for their education.

A person who already has a first degree and who is doing advanced study or research.

A period of time during which a student or new graduate gets practical experience in a job.

What's the word for a university student who is studying for their first degree?

Which of the words below IS NOT used for a person that teaches at secondary?

Students must do their best to meet the _________ and hand in their tasks on time.

There is a very strict ________ at this school. If pupils misbehave they can get a detention.

The _______ requirements at this school are very demanding. Not everybody can enter this university.

The word that refers to what some parents pay. School ___________

A word that means that you miss classes.

A practice of educating children at home and not at school.

Which word from below IS NOT used to refer to the points you got in a test?

Our teacher gave us a lot of support. He was very ____________

We had to do a lot of reading and study. The course was very ________

I'm ________ a lot of progress in this course.

Information on how a student is progressing.

A synonym for evaluation.

A class at university when a teacher and students talk about a particular topic.

A person who guides a course.

A period of practical experience done during the course.

One of the three periods of the year in which a school year is divided.

A type of school where students can live during the year.

Work that students do when doing a course as part of their final grade.

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