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C1/C2 Listening activity: Brazil’s Amazon Rainforest in Flames

Created by blogdeserena

C1 Listening Brazil's Rainforest in Flames

You are going to watch a video from Channel 4. Choose the correct option according to what you hear.

Activity by Serena

1.Fires in the Amazon are increasing due to...

2.Why was the Environment Minister jeered at by the crowd?

3.Mikaela Weisse, Vice-manager of the Global Forest Watch, thinks fires will get worse because...

4.Anthony Pereira, director of the Brazil Institute at King's College University states that...

5. What do both, Pereira and Weisse, agree on?


6.Which groups or countries are criticising Bolsonaro's policies?

7.According to Pereira, international pressure could be applied due to that...

8.Who fears a blockage within the UE Trade Deal?

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