B2, C1 Alternatives for ‘if’ in conditionals

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Alternatives to 'if' in conditionals

Read the grammar bites for each structure and after choose the option that is closest to the meaning of the activity sentence.

Activity by Serena

Provided/providing (that) - to emphasise that the condition is necessary for a result.

Example: Provided that you pay the extra fee, you may use the gymnasium

  You may enter the mosque but you must remove your footwear. (PROVIDING/PROVIDED) 

If it stops raining, we'll play football. (PROVIDED/PROVIDING) 

Should - Meaning if a situation arises. This is very formal. Example: You may leave the building should there be an emergency. 

You may contact by email if you require more information. (SHOULD)

Unless - to express a negative condition. Example: Unless you have a pass, you cannot access the restricted area.
 If you don't hurry, you won't catch the flight. (UNLESS)
As long as - meaning only if this condition is fulfilled. Example: He can go as long as he arrives early.
 She was allowed to enrol in the course only if she graduated. (AS LONG AS) 

We will only achieve the deadline if you provide all the resources we have required. (UNLESS)

I would go to the party only if I had to. (UNLESS)

In case + verb - to describe what you should do in a particular situation.
  If it rains, bring an umbrella. (IN CASE) 

Your bag might be stolen so remember to get an insurance. (IN CASE)

It might be cold so take a jacket. (IN CASE)

In case of - to describe what you should do in a particular situation. In case of fire, do not use the lift.

Do not lock doors if there is a fire alarm. (IN CASE OF)

Even if - to express a condition that is unexpected. Example: Even if you're tired, we expect you to attend the course.
  Sarah doesn't like going to the hotel but she keeps it to herself. (EVEN IF)

We will go out, despite the rain. (EVEN IF) 

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