B2 Vocabulary on Crime and Punishment


Ooh! Not such a nice topic to speak about. Did you know that the English language has a wide variety of words for all types of different crimes. And you’d say something like ‘what’s so new about that?’ Yep, but as a matter of fact, English even has words relating to different types of ‘stealing’ For instance if it’s in a shop where somebody is nicking some of the goods, the word here would be ‘shoplifting’. If it’s a bank where the crime takes place, it would be ‘robbery’ and so on.

Here’s a vocabulary activity for this topic. Please, remember that feedback makes me SO happy 😉

Created by blogdeserena

Vocabulary quiz for Crime and punishment 1

Here you have a vocabulary quiz related to crime and punishment

This is a B2 or C1 level quiz.


Quiz by Serena

The gunmen took three _____during the bank robbery.

They eventually let him ____ with a small fine.

I've told you not to _______ my pens!

Criminals who ________ the law may face prison.

There are many ____ in the city nowadays.

After the fire, investigators suspect it was deliberately caused by a/an ______.

As soon as the police find evidence against him they will ______ charges.

It's easy for buglers to ____________ ______ houses if the owners don't use a security system.

She ______him for years threatening to tell his wife about their affair.

The police found a dead body in a shed. They think it was ____

You can't just go and take the law ____ your hands.

The government wants to ________ a law banning graffity.

A commutable punishment can be made ...

Men are known to ____ more crimes than women.

Some people believe that tougher punishments would ____ crime.

The word for the permission that is given to a prisoner to leave prison at the end of their sentence on the condition that they behave well is called...

The police warned that anyone caught _____ the shops would be severely punished.

The politician was charged for attempting to __________ a police officer.

They were charged ____ murder.

They were caught with sacks full of false money so they were done for_____

Cameras were set all around the shop to catch_____

Students _______ violently all over the country.

Social networks have certainly been one of the causes for the increase in _____

They put him _____ arrest.

A letter was sent demanding a/an _________.

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