B2 Reported Speech activity

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Reported speech

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Activity by Serena

They asked me 'Can you speak languages?' 

She said 'Can you lend me a pen?' She asked me if...

Thomas said 'I'll have a beer, please. Thomas said.... 

The woman said 'Do you live here?' The woman asked me if.... 

Sandra said ' I've just finished writing a letter to my boss.' Sandra told me (that)... 

Sarah said 'I'm going out this evening.' Sarah said (that) ...

Peter said 'I woke up feeling very tired.' Peter said.... 

Jane said 'I want to buy a car.' A month ago Jane said that ....... and now she has a car. 

The doctor asked 'How many cigarettes do you smoke a day?' 

Valerie asked me 'Where did you buy the curtains?

The doctor said 'Drink plenty of water' .

Jenny said 'Can you help me with the shopping?' 

Maria said 'I'll do my driving test this Tuesday.' (A week later...) 

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