Phrasal verbs with Break

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Phrasal verbs with break

Choose the correct option

Quiz by Serena

When are schools going to break_________________ for holidays this year? (stop classes) 

She broke___________all the questions into two categories. (reduced) 

Linda broke________________with David last month. (stopped a relationship)

They managed to escape just before World War II broke_____________in 1939.(began) 

Scientist think they are beginning to break _______ in the fight against COVID. (make an important discovery)

Several prisoners broke_______________ of the jail and haven't been seen since then.(escaped) 

The car broke ____________so we arrived late at the airport.

She was breaking____________under so much stress. (becoming weaker) 

The company  broke___________all diplomatic relations with the workers that were on strike. (interrupted communication)

Burglers broke_______________ the house and stole all the money (enter illegally) 

Some schools should just break _____ old traditional teaching. (end a connection)

The thought of hurting his feelings just breaks me _____ (upsets me)

He broke__________ the terrible news to his family. (communicated) 

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