Phrasal verbs with Come

All phrasal verbs have a full verb form which we usually choose to use in more formal situations. Here are some of them in the list below. Read them and after take the short quiz.

  • Visit: come over, come round/around
  • Meet by chance: come across, come upon
  • Recover consciousness: come to or come round/around
  • Become ill: come down with
  • Inherit: come into
  • Bloom: come out
  • Cost: come to
  • Approach: come up to, come towards
  • Get: come by, come away with

I hope you find this list helpful!

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Phrasal verbs with come

They eventually came _____with a solution. (had an idea)

The bill eventually came_____$400. (cost)

The other day I came________Michael. (meet by chance

The woman came _________to me and accused me of taking her handbag. (approached)

How he managed to come______so much money is a miracle! (inherited)

Maria came __________for a coffee. (visit casually)

Your mother hasn't yet come __________ from the anaesthetic.

I think I'm coming ______with a flu. (to become ill)

Roses come_______in June. (to bloom)

Your name came _____in our chat. (mention)

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