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C1-C2 Word formation Boris Johnson’s take on Sickness Scams

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B1-B2 Word formation Boris Johnson's take on sickeness scams

Fill the blank spaces with the correct form of the word in brackets.

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British foreign secretary Boris Johnson has expressed his support for new campaign, Stop Sickness Scams. In his telegraph column the 0) conservative political discussed a letter he received from the Association of British Travel Agents, detailing the 1)...(ASTRO) scale of false food poisoning claims from UK tourists in Europe. Writing that, if the figures are to be believed, ' the 2) ...(DIGEST) systems of the British people had become the most delicate in the world.' the foreign secretary described the scams as an 3)....(JUST)  'We have all at some time been laid low by a dodgy prawn, but these numbers seemed 4) ....(LAND) ' he wrote adding 'It is deeply unfair on those who 5) ... (GENUINE) do fall ill, since they may now find themselves the objects of  6) ...  (JUST) suspicion. 'And, of course it is unfair on the vast majority of British holidaymakers whose cost will inevitably rise to meet the burden of all these bogus claims.







Johnson's remarks will surely be welcomed by Majorca's hotel industry which has dealt with a 500 percent increase in the number of 7) ... (COMPENSATE) claims since 2013, despite health standards improving. Threats to ban British tourists from package holidays, raise prices and stop  8) ... (INCLUDE ) offers seem to have worked. Stop sickness scams in a UK-based movement to clamp down on insurance scam artists 9) ... (TARGET) holiday makers and thus raising costs for honest travellers. Majorca police have already arrested two British 10) ...(NATION) in connection with soliciting fake food poisoning claims.





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